1. John LeBoutillier: Saving America

2. James Hirsen: CNN Embarrassed by Spitzer Documentary

3. Dave Bego: What to Expect from a Dying Breed Following the 2010 Elections

4. Tim Connolly: International Major Market Crash From QE2 May Come Soon

5. Joy Tiz: All Children Left Behind




Saving America

By John LeBoutillier


A short and quick thought: the National Debt is going to drag our nation down into second-rate national status. It is a huge drain on our economy. The massive interest payment each year is the second largest item in our annual budget. Plus China, Japan and others – by buying our debt – acquire power over us. Not a smart move by us to give Beijing the upper hand. And, of course, we are cheapening the value of the dollar. The rise of the Tea Party movement – mainly to combat this debt situation – is a miracle and a sign of the Hand of God. Indeed, the American grassroots are not going to let politicians keep ruining our country. And now that the GOP/Tea Party/conservatives have won the 2010 elections, an amazing phenomenon is about to occur: We, as a nation, are entering a multi-year national debate about how to reduce the national debt and finally get our federal fiscal house in order. [more...]



CNN Embarrassed by Spitzer Documentary

By James Hirsen


One of the unintended consequences of the release of Director Alex Gibney’s documentary, “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer,” is that it is causing embarrassment to the brass at CNN. The movie recounts the scandalous manner in which the former New York governor exited office. But it also leaves moviegoers wondering why Spitzer would be awarded a primetime gig at the cable network. It’s probable that the attraction to the subject matter for Gibney and his journalist-collaborator Peter Elkind had less to do with informing the public and more to do with the manufacturing of right-wing villains. The two had previously worked together on the documentary, “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.” [more...]



What to Expect from a Dying Breed Following the 2010 Elections

By Dave Bego


The passing of fascism and decline of communism because of their oppression of human rights, and the demise of passenger railroads and landline telephones due to the invention of superior technology are examples of “modern dinosaurs” that have become all but extinct. Labor unions are fast approaching the status of the relics mentioned above, because of their inability to adapt to modern business and the oppressive tactics which ultimately restrict personal freedoms. Labor unions are even more desperate in light of the November elections, which eliminated almost any possibility of passage for the Employee Free Choice Act (a/k/a card check) through Congress in the near future. The Obama administration seems determined to support Big Labor’s agenda, by forcing their will upon the American people under the disingenuous disguise of social justice. In reality, this is nothing more than a power grab. What is truly amazing is that unions and the Obama administration continue the attempt to force unionism on the country despite the fact that roughly 12% of the workforce is unionized. [more...]



International Major Market Crash From QE2 May Come Soon

By Tim Connolly


The U.S. owes over fourteen trillion dollars – that’s over $90,000 owed by every U.S. taxpayer.


In August 2007, I predicted on our radio show that a major liquidity crisis was about to hit the U.S. and have a major impact on the market.  I am beginning to see data that suggests the possibility this condition may recur, and the Federal Reserve $600 billion quantitative easing (QE2) may trigger it.  It is hard to imagine how we have gotten ourselves into this position. While the USA has a population of 310,700,000, remember, less than half the population actually pays taxes. Taking this reality into consideration, every current taxpayer owes nearly $100k of future earnings towards the national debt. It is a truly scary situation that must get addressed before we face an international bond crisis of epic proportions. We may find ourselves unable to sell our treasury debt at reasonable rates, and we could even lose our cherished AAA credit rating. [more...]



All Children Left Behind

By Joy Tiz


It’s diabolical – Homeland Security Chief Janet Incompetano has at last found a way to keep noisy children off of airplanes.  Simply offer the parents the option of sending the little ones through the body scanners or be subject to enhanced pat-downs.  Outraged parents are bewailing the new tactics and vowing never to fly commercial again.  That should result in far fewer screaming children on commercial flights. The bad news is the already limping airline industry is going to take another hit. Plucking dullards from obscurity and elevating them to positions of power ensures both incompetence and loyalty. [more...]

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