1. Doug Johnson: Perry, Gingrich & Cain Offer a Stark Contrast to Washington Business as Usual

2. Dave Bego: Big Labor’s Scorched Earth Campaign in Ohio

3. Tony Katz: OWS Losing the PR War… or is it Already Lost?

4. Joseph Klein: Obama’s Iranian Delusions

5. James Hirsen: Brad Pitt Jumps on the ‘Occupy’ Bandwagon



Perry, Gingrich & Cain Offer a Stark Contrast to Washington Business as Usual

By Doug Johnson


At the foreign policy debate in South Carolina, Governor Perry made a point that is probably the most important issue in the entire campaign, yet few people, if any, noticed it. Perry said that he would use zero-based budgeting for foreign aid and then went on to allude to using it throughout the entire federal budget process.  When asked, Newt Gingrich agreed.  This idea is in stark contrast to the way business has been done in Washington for decades.  This is the only kind of thinking that can turn Washington around and save our nation.  And if we don’t do that, nothing else will matter. [more...]



Big Labor’s Scorched Earth Campaign in Ohio

By Dave Bego


Last week’s defeat of Ohio Senate Bill 5 is just a preview of what can be expected during the 2012 elections as the Ohio voters rejected public-union limits. Big labor, realizing that it had to protect its public unions, showed its solidarity, as it spent almost $30 million dollars and filled the streets with foot soldiers to ensure Senate Bill 5 was defeated. In a foreshadowing of the 2012 elections, the “Gasping Dinosaurs” showed they are not going down quietly. Conversely, it was evident that Governor Kasich and other Ohio republicans were not prepared and did not understand the labor machine or their corporate campaign playbook, and subsequently were steamrolled by these tactics. Obviously, they did not learn from Wisconsin, where massive changes to collective bargaining laws were successful and, as a result, the state is now headed towards a balanced budget. The difference in these two situations was that Wisconsin’s Governor had a plan and was prepared for Big Labor’s scorched earth attacks. [more...]



OWS Losing the PR War… or is it Already Lost?

By Tony Katz


Occupy Wall Street organizers, like the Progressive Democrats of America, feel that they might be losing the public relations war in the media. The PDA has had board members that are a virtual “who’s who” of leftism, including Reps. Conyers, Grijalva, Woolsey and Kucinich, along with Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Jodie Evans (of Hamas Flotilla fame.) The PDA are arguing against specific tactics on their Web site.  In one post, PDA argued against the violence of the “black bloc.”  Yet, as Founding Bloggers points out, it is odd for the PDA to argue against a tactic that members of their board have advocated for over the years. [more...]



Obama’s Iranian Delusions

By Joseph Klein


Speaking from the lush Hawaiian venue of the Asia-Pacific economic summit, Obama falsely claimed during a televised news conference on November 13 that “we are in a much stronger position now than we were two or three years ago with respect to Iran.” The truth is precisely the opposite. Iran poses a graver and more immediate danger to world peace and security, and to the security of the U.S. homeland, than ever before. Iran is moving, virtually unimpeded, ever closer to developing nuclear arms capability. Iran is also planning, or already building, at least one missile base in Venezuela, which will be equipped with medium-range missiles capable of reaching the United States mainland. [more...]



Brad Pitt Jumps on the ‘Occupy’ Bandwagon

By James Hirsen


Brad Pitt, the actor and “1 percenter,” gave the Occupy Wall Street protestors a proverbial pat on the back while simultaneously sounding off on the American financial system: “I think what you’re seeing in America is questioning a system that has not served us very well,” Pitt said, adding that it is “a system that… is defined for corporate lobbyists instead of the best needs for the people and people are feeling screwed a little bit there.” Pitt joins other wealthy Hollywood A-listers who have lent their support to the Occupiers, including actor-director George Clooney, rapper Kanye West, actor Alec Baldwin, and comedian Russell Brand. [more...]

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