1. James Hirsen: CBS Touts Flawed Poll to Encourage GOP to ‘Compromise’

2. Joseph Klein: To Save American Lives From Ruthless Terrorists… More Waterboarding, Please

3. Joy Tiz: Veterans Memorial Vandalized in SoCal… Again




CBS Touts Flawed Poll to Encourage GOP to ‘Compromise’

By James Hirsen


Using a headline that reads “Poll: Americans Want GOP, Dems to Compromise,” CBS has conducted a poll in an attempt to manipulate and influence the public and newly elected legislators. The poll’s questions are slyly non-objective and lead those that were polled to CBS’s desired answer. For example, the key question in the poll is, “Should Republicans in Congress Stick to Positions or Compromise?” This could have been written objectively without using the subtly negative term “stick,” a question of this type could have read, “Which of the following Congressional actions would you most approve of?” There is also no indication of whether the sample reflects the proper subgroup proportions. [more...]



To Save American Lives From Ruthless Terrorists… More Waterboarding, Please

By Joseph Klein


The CIA waterboarded 9/11 al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 183 times in March 2003, and fellow Al Qaeda commander Abu Zubayd at least 83 times in August 2002. Waterboarding was also used on a third al Qaeda detainee named Nashiri. Now, as former President George W. Bush launches his new book Decision Points with interviews on network and cable TV shows, including NBC and Fox News, he has said publicly what most people assumed was the case all along. Bush personally authorized the CIA to use waterboarding on these monsters. As a result, they gave up life-saving intelligence that we would not likely have obtained in time through less stressful means. [more...]



Veterans Memorial Vandalized in SoCal… Again

By Joy Tiz


It’s becoming an annual tradition – vandalizing the 4200 flag Veterans Memorial in Cathedral City, California. The charred remains of a burned flag were discovered early Wednesday behind the Postal Connection, 69-115 Ramon Road, about a mile from the Healing Field display at Patriot Park in Cathedral City at Date Palm and Dinah Shore drives. This was the fourth and most violent vandalism in as many days. The annual Healing Field memorial honors troops killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. Nearly 5,900 troops have died, but local Healing Field organizers had only enough flags to honor 4,200. Of the other three flags vandalized, two were crumpled up, while the third was turned upside-down, said Healing Field Project Coordinator Sue Priest, adding that these flags have been appropriately restored to the display. Maybe it’s time for Rolling Thunder to stand watch over the memorial. [more...]

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