1. Doug Johnson: For Herman Cain, It’s Salem 1692

2. Joseph Klein: A Haunting Vote at the UN

3. Tony Katz: OWS Supporters Anti-Semites?

4. James Hirsen: Chris Matthews Admits He Has Lost Faith in Obama

5. Wayne Allyn Root: The Obama Plan – Insanity or Karl Marx?




For Herman Cain, It’s Salem 1692

By Doug Johnson


Are Herman Cain’s problems the end of his campaign and the GOP’s opportunity for the 2012 election? It’s 2011 and America still has many of the same problems with justice that it had almost a century before it became a nation when, back in 1692 it held the Salem witch trials. Herman Cain has essentially been accused of being as bad as the women of Salem, Mass. who were accused of being witches in 1692.  And, like those poor women, Herman Cain is being accused but no evidence is being offered.  He doesn’t even get the chance to face his accusers.  He has to wonder if he will receive a similar fate to those women in Salem. [more...]



A Haunting Vote at the UN

By Joseph Klein


In its own special version of a Halloween “trick or treat,” the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) became the first UN agency to admit Palestine as a full member since the Palestinians launched their full court press for total recognition as a UN member state. The final UNESCO Halloween vote tally was 107 votes in favor, 14 against and 52 abstentions. The United States, Canada and Germany voted against Palestinian membership in UNESCO. France joined the countries that voted in favor. Britain abstained. UNESCO provided the Palestinians with their undeserved Halloween treat. But the trick will be against UNESCO – a loss of major funding from the United States, as explained below. [more...]



OWS Supporters Anti-Semites?

By Tony Katz


In an appearance on the Russia Today television network, I discussed the violent confrontations between police officers and Occupy Wall Street protesters last week in Oakland, California.  Go here to read what happened. While a few supported my being on the show, the majority focused on my contention that many Occupiers are anti-Semites. Note: I have not edited the comments from the Russia Today YouTube channel.



Chris Matthews Admits He Has Lost Faith in Obama

By James Hirsen


Chris Matthews, who in talking about the feelings that he experienced during a speech given by then-candidate Barack Obama, used the descriptive phrase “thrill going up my leg.” Interestingly, in an article Matthews penned for an upcoming issue of Time magazine, he seems to be doing a back flip. When it comes to Matthews’s emotional disposition regarding Obama these days, the leg thrill may have turned into a twitch. The Time article, titled “Five Things JFK Could Teach Obama,” is adapted from a new book by Matthews called “Jack Kennedy, Elusive Hero.” In the book, the MSNBC host criticizes Obama using language that one might expect to hear on Fox News’ “Hannity.” [more...]



The Obama Plan – Insanity or Karl Marx?

By Wayne Allyn Root


Everything is out of order in Obama’s world. Up is down, day is night, round is square. None of it makes any sense. None of it has any chance of working. Yet the adoring sheep who support Obama and the national media (I know- I repeat myself) goes along with all of it, believes the lies, and asks no questions. Obama says the world is flat- and the media applauds. Let’s just examine a few developments in the past week…

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