1. Dave Bego: Persuasian of Power from the SEIU

2. John LeBoutillier: Looming GOP Blowout

3. Ronald Kessler: Democrat Talking Heads Privately Diss Obama

4. James Hirsen: Rick Sanchez’s Way With Words



Persuasian of Power from the SEIU

By Dave Bego


One would think that President Obama would counsel such a radical group as the SEIU to tone down the rhetoric, especially with the upcoming elections. However, it appears he is comfortable being associated with a group that is being investigated for its terrorist ties, internal financial corruption, questionable political cash contributions, interference with the Arizona Immigration law and intimidation of its own employees in the union elections at Kaiser Permanente. Some would assume President Obama would be distancing himself as much as possible from this, but he does not need to as long as the media refuses to connect the dots and present the entire picture to the American people! Consider for just a moment how a business would be excoriated if it were involved in such activities. Maybe it’s because the President has instructed the media to ignore these outrages, or maybe it’s because the President has received his personal persuasion of power from the SEIU! Are these the people we want running our country? [more...]



Looming GOP Blowout

By John LeBoutillier


Do not believe the propaganda put out by the Democrats and their shills in the MSM: the Democrats have not caught up, the races are generally not tightening, and, in fact, the GOP/Tea Party/conservative alliance is poised to re-take both the House and Senate on November 2. Watching the broadcast TV news lately is like watching a Democratic National Committee training seminar in “How to Pump up a Dispirited Base.” Jeff Greenfield, on Katie Couric’s newscast the other night, actually dispensed advice on how the Democrats should minimize their losses! That is not the role of the media. But, of course, it has become the behavior of the media: to be an adjunct of the Obama White House and the Left. [Read Fmr. Congressman LeBoutillier's predictions here...]



Democrat Talking Heads Privately Diss Obama

By Ronald Kessler


No one would mistake Brad Blakeman for a Democrat. He is a former Bush White House aide who appears regularly on Fox News and other outlets as a Republican strategist. Yet Democrats are so disgusted with President Obama that when they schmooze with Blakeman in the green room before TV appearances, they diss the president. “They say how arrogant and disconnected Obama and his staff are,” Blakeman tells Newsmax. “They say that he refuses to take advice and basically demands that they toe his line no matter what.” If Democratic talking heads are disgusted with Obama, so are voters. “People aren’t buying the sales pitches,” Blakeman says. “They don’t like what he is selling. They have been burned by the product, and now they are looking elsewhere.” [more...]



Rick Sanchez’s Way With Words

By James Hirsen


CNN recently let Rick Sanchez go after the anchor made controversial comments during a satellite radio interview. Sanchez was fired for calling Comedy Central host Jon Stewart a “bigot,” and for saying that “a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart.” It’s instructive to look at some other things Sanchez said during his three-year stint at CNN, things that the network ignored. In October 2009 he was forced to apologize after he read a quote about slavery and attributed it to Rush Limbaugh. “Limbaugh’s perceived racist diatribes are too many to name. Here’s a sample – he once declared that ‘slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back. I’m just saying it had its merits…’” Sanchez said. It turned out that the quote was a complete fake. [more...]

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