1. James Hirsen: Brown, Boxer Hustle for Hollywood Bucks

2. Tim Connolly: Massive Crowds at Early Voting Poll Sites Indicating Republican Landslide

3. Dave Bego: The Decline of American Exceptionalism

4. Joseph Klein: President Obama’s Shameful Kowtowing to the Muslim World

5. Wayne Allyn Root: Economic Catastrophe Unfolds: Why Every Bank in America is Bankrupt



Brown, Boxer Hustle for Hollywood Bucks

By James Hirsen


Tinseltown reportedly raised more than $1.25 million for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown at a recent fundraiser. DreamWorks threesome Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg chaired the event at the Soho House, an exclusive private club in West Hollywood. The reception raked in $5,000 per attendee, while the private party hauled in $25,000 a pop. Brown pitched his experience and characterized himself as an “unpredictable person” who could work well with other “unpredictable people.” Just what California needs – more unpredictability at a time when it has to try to dig its way out of a $20 billion hole. [more...]



Massive Crowds at Early Voting Poll Sites Indicating Republican Landslide

By Tim Connolly

This week I visited sites in Houston, Texas and found heavy crowds as well as waits for parking spaces and voting machines. I decided to go ahead and stand in line at a polling place in west Houston on Wirt Road, with an estimated 200 people in front of me. My first utterly unique experience was the chatter I heard while waiting in line. For the first time in over thirty years of voting, I heard citizens in line actually discussing how angry they were. People were anxious to get to the voting booths and be heard, and they definitely were not happy with the current state of affairs. Secondly, the waiting time turned out to be a complete shocker. I entered the last place in line behind approximately 200 voters at approximately 2:35pm, and by 3:00pm I was standing at a voting booth casting my ballot. In speaking to other voters, it became clear why the line was moving so quickly – people were voting straight tickets. While I have no proof whatsoever that these straight tickets were mostly Republican, anecdotal evidence certainly suggests it is true. [more...]



The Decline of American Exceptionalism

By Dave Bego


Government policies and politics are ruining this great country and sending it on a downward spiral. At one time it was providing the highest standard of living from top to bottom, above any nation in history, but now it is steadily sliding towards abject socialism! The truly sad part is that we have too many willing participants! These are people who enjoy being cared for and having no personal responsibility. The government is changing the “national character” and slowly destroying the greatest hope the world has ever experienced. Government entitlements, regulations, elitists, extremists and today’s big labor policies are attempting to destroy the free markets and, along with it, America’s competitiveness and ingenuity. People increasingly have little incentive to invent, to work hard, or to improve their lot in life and the lives of others because the government continues to build an entitlement-dependent society. Slowly and methodically, the failure of each and every person to take responsibility and accountability for their own destiny will spell death for this great nation. Self-esteem will continue to slip away as government becomes the “parent” from cradle to grave. [more...]



President Obama’s Shameful Kowtowing to the Muslim World

By Joseph Klein


Since Obama has taken office, he has gone out of his way to apologize to the Muslim world for America’s supposed wrongdoing. Obama has used his bully pulpit as President of the United States to legitimize the false Islamic narrative of misunderstood victimhood. To make amends for America’s past “arrogance,” Obama has pledged to ease up on security restrictions intended to prevent Islamic charities from serving as fronts for funding terrorist organizations, has defended the sponsors of the Ground Zero mosque, has supported providing foreign Islamic terrorist suspects with full constitutional rights, has refused to link al Qaeda terrorists with Islamic ideology and has even invited radical Muslims to dinner at the White House. If diplomacy is the reason for Obama’s kowtowing since he took office, it is not working. [more...]



Economic Catastrophe Unfolds: Why Every Bank in America is Bankrupt

By Wayne Allyn Root


We are now facing the worst economic disaster in history – worse even than the Great Depression. I’ve warned for two years now that the real estate picture is far worse than most Americans understand. The foreclosure disaster we’ve seen is only the tip of the iceberg. At the moment, 30% of all mortgages across the country are underwater. The so-called “shadow inventory” (homes in foreclosure or far behind on payments) is already 11 million homes and growing. And millions of additional homes will soon fall into foreclosure. Yet the bigger disaster is the commercial real estate market. Banks have been hiding this tragedy by extending loans on properties that are no longer worth ten cents on the dollar. Many commercial properties have lost most or all of their tenants, and haven’t made mortgage payments in months, if not years. Yet by extending the loans, banks have hidden the disaster unfolding on their books. [more...]

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