1. James Hirsen: ‘True Grit’: A Welcome Return of the Western

2. John LeBoutillier: Predictions for 2011

3. Kyle Olson: The Story of Annie Leonard’s Socialism

4. Dave Bego: Americans: Beware of Rogue NLRB

5. Joseph Klein: Filibustering Prevents Freedom Busting

6. Robert Ringer: Could James Carville Be Right? 




‘True Grit’: A Welcome Return of the Western

By James Hirsen


The Western – it’s a true American genre beloved the world over. With storylines of adventure and daring, and characters of candor and strength, the films speak to us of much simpler times. There’s nothing quite like the reassurance one gets upon seeing a single action revolver gently resting in the hands of the good guy. A cowboy is a close cousin to the knight in shining armor, literarily speaking. Each travels the land on a trusted steed, guided by the arc of the sky and a finely tuned moral compass. Today the classic Western rides again in the form of the current release, “True Grit.” With a roster of characters as rough and grisly as an old saddle, the movie is jam-packed with entertainment while still managing to maintain the tried and true elements of honor and justice. [more...]



Predictions for 2011

By John LeBoutillier


Go to John LeBoutillier’s blog to read his predictions for 2011.  He’s telling us that by the end of the year, the unemployment rate will still be unacceptably too high – in the 8 – 8.5% range. And that will turn the country even more sour about the economy, the future and the 2012 elections… Articles will appear asking this question: has any incumbent president ever been re-elected with unemployment north of 7% or 8%?… and [much more...]



The Story of Annie Leonard’s Socialism

By Kyle Olson


A series of videos have been racking up viewings on YouTube, thanks in part to public school teachers and university professors making them a part of curriculum, and indoctrinating our children with left-wing anti-capitalist propaganda. Annie Leonard, an activist with Greenpeace, created “The Story of Stuff,” a Web video disparaging America’s consumer society and attacking capitalism (or, as she calls it, “the current economic model.”)  It was funded by the mysterious Tides Foundation – the group that also funded ACORN before it became a liability to the left and rotted away. [more...]



Americans: Beware of Rogue NLRB

By Dave Bego
Last week, big labor bosses were provided two early Christmas presents while the nation was being distracted by the theatrics of its “Lame Duck” Congress.  I’d warned of potential attempts by Obama and his sidekicks Pelosi and Reid to pass some version of the “Employee Free Choice Act” (a/k/a Card Check) by embedding one of its most onerous provisions, employer fines, in a non-related bill as described in the EFCA Update. I have also warned of the Administration’s attempts to pass EFCA through the back door, which could be achieved through use of executive appointments, executive orders and rule changes. It appears that, for Big Labor bosses, it is now beyond Lame Ducksville and on to Corporate Campaigns with more weapons in their arsenal! [more...]



Filibustering Prevents Freedom Busting

By Joseph Klein


With the start of the new year, the Left is determined to make good on at least one of its new year resolutions – going after the Senate filibuster. With its typical arrogance, the New York Times’ lead editorial on Monday complained that the current filibuster procedure, which requires 60 votes to invoke closure and allow legislation to proceed to a Senate vote, “produced public policy that we strongly opposed.” The Times wants the dwindling Democratic majority in the Senate to ram through a major rule change on the first day of the new Senate session to weaken the minority’s ability to use the filibuster. Hendrik Hertzberg, senior editor of the New Yorker, agrees. Describing the filibuster as “the arsenal of senatorial death rays,” Hertzberg is also pressing for major changes that would defang the filibuster. [more...]



Could James Carville Be Right?

By Robert Ringer


If you still like to believe in miracles, here’s how the U.S. might be able to escape what appears to be imminent financial and cultural death: thirty-two years of Jim DeMint, Allen West, Bobby Jindal, and Chris Christie in the White House, all supported by tea-party dominated Houses and Senates.  Throw one more (perhaps yet unknown) tea-party president into the mix, and James Carville’s prediction of one-party control of Washington for the next forty years might actually become a reality.  It’s just that he would have had the wrong party in mind. [more...]

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