1. Joseph Klein: Left Demands James O’Keefe’s Head Over Voter Fraud Expose

2. James Hirsen: Romney Forces Dominate Florida Airwaves

3. Kyle Olson: Wisconsin Activist Teacher’s Paul Ryan Snub Explained

4. Tony Katz: Do Florida Republicans Want Rep. Allen West Out of Office?

5. Doug Johnson: What We’re Supposed to Believe



Left Demands James O’Keefe’s Head Over Voter Fraud Expose

By Joseph Klein


The Left is in a horrible huff. Once again James O’Keefe, the conservative filmmaker who exposed ACORN, has demonstrated the duplicity of the Left. This time he proved why strict voter ID laws, opposed strongly by the Left, are necessary. In more than 10 minutes of video footage, which has gone viral on the Internet, O’Keefe demonstrated how easy it was in New Hampshire for an individual to pose as a deceased voter and still receive a ballot to vote in an election. [more...]



Romney Forces Dominate Florida Airwaves

By James Hirsen


A pro-Mitt Romney ad, which was placed on the Florida television airwaves by a group called Restore Our Future, fiercely attacks former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who is assailed in the ad for having “a ton of baggage” in the form of ethics violations and for having received consulting payments from Freddie Mac. A stream of negative attack ads costing tens of millions of dollars have flooded Florida’s airwaves, and the vast majority of the commercials are being financed by a Super PAC that is seeking to lower the poll numbers of the former House Speaker. The use of Super PACs in political campaigns resulted from a Supreme Court decision two years ago, which ruled that the First Amendment to the Constitution bars government restrictions on corporate and labor union campaign expenditures. [more...]



Wisconsin Activist Teacher’s Paul Ryan Snub Explained

By Kyle Olson


When I watched the video of the Wisconsin teacher snubbing Congressman Paul Ryan, I knew instantly he was little more than an activist teacher seizing his moment.  Respect-be-damned, it was his moment to stick it to an ideological foe.  He became an instant folk hero for leftists. But the silliness was nothing new for Racine teacher Al Levie.  He has a history of using students in his personal political agenda. [more...]



Do Florida Republicans Want Rep. Allen West Out of Office?

By Tony Katz


In the war of words trying to define the concept of “Establishment GOP” in the Presidential contest, it’s the district of Rep. Allen West (R-FL) that is giving the best definition of the term; where Establishment GOP means, “Utterly indifferent to the concept of a better America, with strong tendencies towards self-gratification and otherwise resembling a hard-core leftist progressive.” Florida’s key political blogger Javier Manjarres of Shark-Tank.net first brought up the story, which focuses around the redistricting of Florida due to the 2010 census. That redistricting leaves vulnerable the Florida 22nd, which is the district of Rep. West [more...]



What We’re Supposed to Believe

By Doug Johnson


We’re supposed to believe that Mitt Romney is a conservative and the candidate with the best chance to beat Obama in the general election. We’re supposed to believe that he’s got some sort of conservative record. We’re supposed to believe that he’ll be the great conservative savior of the nation. We’re supposed to believe that he was only governing the way he did with moderate and liberal policies in Massachusetts because he had to work with Democrats in a blue state, but in reality he’s purported to be a true conservative. We’re supposed to believe that even though he uses Saul Alinsky’s left-wing methods to attack his competitors that he’s the true conservative. [more...]

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