1. Doug Johnson: NBC Fixing GOP Debate Won’t Bolster Romney or Keep Gingrich Down

2. Christopher Markowski: Economic Super Bowl – Mitt vs. Newt

3. Dave Bego: Obama and NLRB Continue to Cost Union Jobs

4. Guido Lombardi: EU Nations Should and Will Eventually Drop Off the Euro



NBC Fixing GOP Debate Won’t Bolster Romney or Keep Gingrich Down

By Doug Johnson


In spite of NBC trying to fix the debate to hurt Gingrich and help Romney, Gingrich outshined Romney in the Tampa debate by remaining calm, cool, and collected while Romney appeared as a failing candidate grasping at straws to survive through guttural attacks.  They don’t understand why this won’t deter Gingrich. Florida is a big state in this campaign and Newt is up against the establishment Republicans, the Democrats, and the media to win it.  None of them want Newt to win. They want Romney to win the nomination and the media decided to help him in the process. [more...]



Economic Super Bowl – Mitt vs. Newt

By Christopher Markowski


The debates and the campaigns of the two Republican frontrunners have unfortunately turned into an ugly no-rules street fight.  Rather than debating some of the most important issues our nation has ever faced, one being whether or not we are going to turn ourselves into Western-Europe, the campaign has been focused on the superficial. In fact, Romney and Gingrich have some pretty sharp contrasts in regards to how they would turn our economic ship starboard.  I will explain to your listeners the differences between the two plans and give my take on what will work and what won’t.  Call for analysis of President Obama’s economic plan and a report card on the promises made and the promises kept from “Hope and Change 2008.”



Obama and NLRB Continue to Cost Union Jobs

By Dave Bego


Labor union membership continues to be blind to the fact that the support of its “leadership” to President Obama and his political allies is coming at the cost of the members. Big Labor bosses and their political allies are happy to continue to throw the membership under the bus for their own personal gain. For President Obama, this is the prospect of re-election; for the labor bosses, this is the survival of their “way of life.” This can be seen through the President’s actions and comments over the past three years. [more...]



EU Nations Should and Will Eventually Drop Off the Euro

By Guido Lombardi

Are we becoming slaves of the financial institutions that gamble with our money? Are we rolling over and play dead when Chinese, German and other banks come asking for money that they loaned us so easily? No, my friends, we should not. Let’s have judges and justice departments all over the globe check in the cloudy and murky waters of the hedge funds.  Let’s demand from our politicians, left and right, to return to the kind of legislation that did NOT allow banks to gamble, but to simply keep our deposits in TRUST, secure and safe. [more...]

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