1. Joseph Klein: Muslim Brotherhood and Obama: Partners In Taqiyya

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Biggest Rebuke Ever for Mainstream Media

3. Dave Bego: Obama and NLRB Continue to Cost Union Jobs

4. Guido Lombardi: EU Nations Should and Will Eventually Drop Off the Euro

5. James Hirsen: Mitt Romney Launches Ad War in Florida



Muslim Brotherhood and Obama: Partners In Taqiyya

By Joseph Klein


To convince the world that sharia-based laws protect personal freedoms and human rights for all, Islamists engage in the time-honored Muslim tradition of lying about their own beliefs to conceal their true nature. This form of deception is known as “taqiyya.” Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is engaging in taqiyya as it prepares to lead Egypt’s newly elected parliament and to assure Egyptian citizens and the world at large that they are peace-loving advocates of universal human rights. The Obama administration is buying this taqiyya hook, line and sinker – and spreading it. [more...]



Biggest Rebuke Ever for Mainstream Media

By Wayne Allyn Root


Newt Gingrich may have won South Carolina. But this wasn’t a Newt victory, as much as it was a devastating rebuke to the national media. America may hate politicians, they may hate Congress, they may even give Obama among the lowest ratings in modern history at this point in a presidency. But the mainstream media has now sunk to even lower depths than the politicians. They snicker at the idea that Obama is a socialist. Funny how they ignore a brand new Pew poll that proves that liberal Democrats not only favor socialism over capitalism, but by a wide 59-33 margin they see socialism as a positive. Even more shocking is that the same poll proves that a large majority of African American voters (Obama’s staunchest supporters), by a 55-36 margin, also see socialism as a positive. Shouldn’t alarm bells be ringing in the mainstream media? [more...]



Obama and NLRB Continue to Cost Union Jobs

By Dave Bego


Labor union membership continues to be blind to the fact that the support of its “leadership” to President Obama and his political allies is coming at the cost of the members. Big Labor bosses and their political allies are happy to continue to throw the membership under the bus for their own personal gain. For President Obama, this is the prospect of re-election; for the labor bosses, this is the survival of their “way of life.” This can be seen through the President’s actions and comments over the past three years. [more...]



EU Nations Should and Will Eventually Drop Off the Euro

By Guido Lombardi

Are we becoming slaves of the financial institutions that gamble with our money? Are we rolling over and play dead when Chinese, German and other banks come asking for money that they loaned us so easily? No, my friends, we should not. Let’s have judges and justice departments all over the globe check in the cloudy and murky waters of the hedge funds.  Let’s demand from our politicians, left and right, to return to the kind of legislation that did NOT allow banks to gamble, but to simply keep our deposits in TRUST, secure and safe. [more...]


Mitt Romney Launches Ad War in Florida

By James Hirsen


A new 30-second ad released on Monday, which the Romney campaign is calling “Florida Families,” slams Gingrich for having “cashed in as a D.C. insider.” In television footage, the narrator and displayed text state, “While Florida families lost everything in the housing crisis, Newt Gingrich cashed in.” The ad then has Gingrich saying that he gave advice as a historian, after which the narrator asks, “An historian. Really?” Television ads are paramount in Florida, a state that extends 500 miles from north to south and covers close to 66,000 square miles, diminishing the influence of retail politics on the electoral outcome of the upcoming primary. [more...]

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