1. Wayne Allyn Root: I Am Proud to Be a Member of the Demonized 1%

2. Tony Katz: Does South Carolina Decide America’s Fate?

3. James Hirsen: Angelina Jolie Expresses Disappointment with President Obama



I Am Proud to Be a Member of the Demonized 1%

By Wayne Allyn Root


The Occupy movement has joined President Obama in targeting, demonizing, denigrating, demagoging, and trying to punish the 1%. They want us to be ashamed that we are successful. They want to create the impression that there is something wrong with success, that we didn’t earn it, that we don’t deserve it. They want to give the 1% a bad name. Well, I’m proud to be part of the 1%. The fake story meant to deceive you, repeated often in the biased liberal media, is that the 1% is made up of people like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett or assorted Hollywood stars and moguls. First, very few of the 1% are filthy rich with private jets and yachts. Most are self-made small business owners like me – the people who create most of the jobs in our economy. [more...]



Does South Carolina Decide America’s Fate?

By Tony Katz


It is simply premature to call the race now for Romney. It is also premature for the Paul team to request that everyone but him and Romney drop out of the race. Paul had a strong team in Iowa, and his economic message resonates in NH, but the same cannot be said of Paul in South Carolina. The conventional thinking is that if Romney wins South Carolina, he runs the table. The southern strategy of Gingirch, Santorum and Perry would be left in shreds, as the momentum would be with Romney, and the message would become about party unity. But South Carolina can decide to rely more on its Southern “values,” which would give Gingrich and Santorum a chance to build momentum over the next two weeks. [more...]



Angelina Jolie Expresses Disappointment with President Obama

By James Hirsen


While out on the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie, Angelina Jolie publicly expressed disappointment with the job performance of President Obama. Jolie was an enthusiastic supporter of then-presidential candidate Obama four years ago. But now she seems to have some misgivings, a sentiment that appears to be a growing among many Hollywood luminaries. When asked about reports that she does not support Obama’s re-election, Jolie told The Daily Caller that she is “disappointed” in “a few things” that Obama has done. [more...]

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