1. Kyle Olson: Three Reasons You Should Join “National School Choice Week”

2. Robert Ringer: The Debt-Ceiling Scam

3. Dave Bego: When Will Congress and the Main Stream Media Wake Up?

4. Joseph Klein: Which Path Will Our Nation Choose in Dealing With the Arizona Shooting?

5. Joy Tiz: The Weakest Link: Dupnik




Three Reasons You Should Join “National School Choice Week”

By Kyle Olson


America’s public education system is a lot like the Chicago Cubs: both have become so accustomed to failure that it has become an accepted way of life. While there might be something loveable and comical about a continuously lousy baseball team, there is not a single redeeming thing to be said about perpetually bad public schools. A nation that tolerates bad public schools is a nation with a bleak future. That is why during the week of January 23 -29, school choice advocates from around the country are joining together to wake Americans out of their complacent stupor. [more...]



The Debt-Ceiling Scam

By Robert Ringer


I believe that the only hope for the U.S. is for voters to understand that the country cannot survive without money, stocks, housing, and other commodities, investments, and markets being allowed to collapse to their true (i.e., non-inflationary) values. They also need to understand that an end to the Federal Reserve – whose main (though denied) function is to expand the money supply and thus inflate prices (which is nothing more than a way to tax the half-asleep populace without its being aware) – is also necessary. Now, we have the first test of the 212th Congress – the “need” to raise the debt ceiling yet again – and the Democrats are once more playing Road Runner to the Republicans’ Wiley E. Coyote: “Raise the debt ceiling and we might just give you some spending cuts.” Really? How generous. [more...]



When Will Congress and the Main Stream Media Wake Up?

By Dave Bego


Over the past two weeks the mainstream media and Congress have been enamored with stories concentrating on topics such as who won the Lame Duck session, Health Care repeal, Obama’s trip to Hawaii, Napolitano’s trip to the Mideast, party infighting,  and other nebulous news, while the Obama administration continued fundamental government takeover through regulatory action by its appointees. When will they wake up to the fact that this administration is overwhelming the system and changing our government while they are being distracted by Obama’s sleight of hand? Instead of worrying about ratings and their careers, maybe these groups should begin doing some good old investigative journalism and congressional reviews into what is going on behind the scenes! [more...]



Which Path Will Our Nation Choose in Dealing With the Arizona Shooting?

By Joseph Klein


So far, President Obama has chosen the high road, and shown grace and dignity in this time of sorrow. Let’s hope that he goes to the memorial service for the fallen in Arizona with the intent to help heal the hearts of the mourners. He should continue to condemn violence, and lay the blame where it belongs. The alleged shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, is neither a right-wing nut or a left-wing nut. He is just a complete non-partisan nut-job. And the president should remind us all that a nut-job’s violence is not an excuse to suppress free speech and robust debate, which, in a free society, are intended to replace violence as a means to resolve differences. Unfortunately, some members of Obama’s party have taken the low road. They are exploiting the tragedy for political purposes. [more...]



The Weakest Link: Dupnik

By Joy Tiz


NYC Mayor Bloomberg is no longer the most incompetent local official in America.  The torch has been passed to Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik for his disastrous mishandling of Jared Loughner who went on a shooting rampage. Dupnik’s nonstop blathering about how talk radio drove Loughner to shoot into a crowd was crazy enough.  As the county’s top law enforcement officer, Dupnik is supposed to be investigating a crime, not campaigning for higher office on the Democrat ticket. It’s bad enough that his comments are gifts to Loughner’s defense attorneys.  It’s downright Holderesque to assert phony facts without a scintilla of actual evidence. [more...]

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