1. Christopher Markowski: Santorum Economics

2. Dave Bego: The Godsend of Right-to-Work is Freedom

3. Joseph Klein: Obama’s Assault on Separation of Powers

4. Doug Johnson: Santorum Supported Romney in 2008 But Opposes Him in 2012… Is This Hypocrisy?



Santorum Economics


Rick Santorum is the new media darling of the GOP presidential race. After coming in second in the Iowa preliminaries, Santorum is being portrayed as the winner.  He is gaining more and more attention and publicity from the media. At the same time very few have focused on his economic policies. Watchdog takes this opportunity and examines Santorum’s 32-point economic plan. Christopher Markowski breaks it down and finds many similarities to Obama’s economic plan.


Christopher Markowski is known as the “Watchdog on Wall Street,” a political and economic expert and nationally syndicated radio talk show host. Watch Chris on Fox & Friends.



The Godsend of Right-to-Work is Freedom

By Dave Bego


As the 2012 General Assembly convenes, January will represent a tipping point for all Hoosiers’ individual freedoms, as politicians and big labor bosses are drawing battle lines to determine if Indiana will become the 23rd right-to-work state. Common sense tells us such a battle is counterintuitive, as right-to-work ensures that every employee has freedom of choice against compulsory unionism and the right to one’s own property – his or her labor. Under right-to-work, an employee would not be compelled to join a union. Additionally, security clauses or closed shops that require every employee to be a union member and check-off clauses requiring a company or government entity to collect union dues would be eliminated from collective bargaining agreements. [more...]



Obama’s Assault on Separation of Powers

By Joseph Klein


President Barack Obama has abused his constitutional powers once again. This time, Obama got so frustrated with the way in which the Senate was exercising its constitutional “advice and consent” authority regarding some of his nominations that he leaped ahead to make four so-called “recess” appointments, even though the Senate did not deem itself to be in recess at the time. In accordance with precedents accepted by congressional leaders of both parties and followed during the previous Republican administration, the Senate has determined that by holding “pro forma” sessions every three days, it is not in recess. Nevertheless, Obama disregarded the Senate’s constitutional right to make its own rules on when it is in session, and its “advice and consent” power over presidential nominations, by unilaterally appointing former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray as director of the new controversial Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). He also filled three National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) vacancies. [more...]



Santorum Supported Romney in 2008 But Opposes Him in 2012… Is This Hypocrisy?

By Doug Johnson


Just because Mitt Romney is a moderate and not a true conservative does not mean he shouldn’t have been supported against John McCain in 2008. Santorum’s support for him was because Romney is not as liberal as McCain and, therefore, was the better choice in that race. In fact, if the conservatives are not fortunate enough to get a true conservative nominated to run and Romney gets the nomination instead, it would be far smarter to support Romney in the general election than to give up, stay home, and allow Obama to get re-elected. If he gets the nomination, the choice will be between him and Obama, not him and a conservative. At that point the question will be whether we can afford four more years of Obama or if it’s better to get Romney elected. [more...]

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