1. Joy Tiz: Racing to Be Wrong

2. James Hirsen: Poisonous Rhetoric and the Tucson Shootings

3. John LeBoutillier: Blame: One Nut – Not Talk Radio or the Tea Party Movement

4. Wayne Allyn Root: The Giffords Tragedy: How Liberal Media Distorted the Message and Lynched the Tea Party 



Racing to Be Wrong

By Joy Tiz


Moments after Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others were gunned down by a madman, the Left was gleefully placing the blame on their favorite make believe enemies: Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, et al and racing to see who could be the most wrong first. The shooting had to be politically motivated; after all, the target is a Democrat!  They just cannot help themselves.  No theory was too crazy as long as it implicated the Tea Party. Anyone remotely interested in the truth who also had a computer figured it all out quickly enough.  The shooter is crazy.  His disjointed ramblings on the Internet alone were enough to suggest a thought disorder.  Kids who knew Jared Loughner recalled scary and disruptive incidents with him in school.  One young woman identified him as a leftwing pothead. [more...]


NOTE: Joy Tiz holds an MS in psychology and spent ten years working with severely emotionally disturbed adolescents and children.



Poisonous Rhetoric and the Tucson Shootings

By James Hirsen


As some on the Left try to politicize the tragedy in Tucson, it would be wise for them to go back and examine some of the toxic words that have emanated from their own side of the political aisle. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Madonna, while on her Sticky & Sweet Tour, decided to add a few political rants to her musical mix. Sarah Palin, the then-GOP nominee for vice president, was the object of Madonna’s disaffection. The singer banned Alaska’s former governor from the tour, saying, “Sarah Palin can’t come to my party! Sarah Palin can’t come to my show!” She then threatened to “kick her a**.” [more...]



Blame: One Nut – Not Talk Radio or the Tea Party Movement

By John LeBoutillier


The Left’s immediate, knee-jerk reaction – led by the outrageously political statement by the sheriff of Pima County blaming this shooting on the political dialogue in our country – has been to somehow conflagrate the traditionally anti-Big Government philosophy of the talk radio community and the Tea Party Movement into being co-conspirators in this heinous crime. We didn’t hear the same leftwing nonsense when another mentally deranged nutcase – John Hinckley – tried to kill President Reagan. Was that crime because of all the liberal, anti-Reagan demonstrations over the Reagan budget cuts and defense build-up? No, of course not. [more...]



The Giffords Tragedy: How Liberal Media Distorted the Message and Lynched the Tea Party 

By Wayne Allyn Root


This story is no different than the Columbine, Colorado high school massacre of a decade ago. Did the media ask what the politics of the Columbine shooters were? No. Because that tragedy was about violent, mentally unstable, murdering madmen shooting everything in their path – just like Saturday’s shooting rampage. When crazy people go wild, why do we look to blame someone, or some political philosophy? The blame should be on the crazy person. Yet on Saturday, as we surfed the Internet and watched the news on TV, we saw the “blame game” on display again. [more...]

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